Asphalt Rubber in the Czech Republic

The production of asphalt rubber mixtures is limited in the Czech Republic due to the strong competition of modified bitumen. The only market niche was found in open graded mixtures production as in severe climate conditions the modified bitumens cannot ensure the long-term durability of the mixture. Several new test sections with asphalt rubber hot mixtures have been built in the Czech Republic. Seven of them are described in the article. A new blending unit was developed and used for asphalt rubber production and the function of this device is described. Noise measurements on the test sections according to ISO 11819-1 and ISO/CD 11819-2 methods are evaluated. Water drainability according to EN 12697-40 and skid resistance measurements of surfaces according to CEN/TS 15901-4 were also carried out on the test sections. The measurement results are discussed and evaluated. The benefit of porous asphalt with asphalt rubber for road surface noise reduction and road safety increase is proved.