Privacy Policy

Collection, Use and Security of Personal Information

The Rubberized Asphalt Foundation (the "RAF") values and respects an individual’s right to keep certain personal information private.  This Privacy Policy applies to activities of the RAF and additionally to persons visiting its website, receiving its newsletter, signing up for other RAF publications and mailings, or providing donations.  This Privacy Policy covers the collection, use, storage and disclosure of information and data as described in this Privacy Policy.

A. Types of information covered by this Privacy Policy

  • "Personal Information" is "Demographic Information" that identifies a specific individual with a minimal degree of effort.
  • "Demographic Information" includes name, address, city and other similar information.
  • "Transactional Information" is data collected about an individual based on the individual’s interactions with the RAF, which may include sensitive financial information such as credit credit card number, card type, expiration date, and donation amount.
  • "Aggregate Information" is information presented in summary or statistical form that does not contain data that would permit the identification of a specific individual without extraordinary effort.

B.  Use of Information

  1. The RAF will collect Personal Information about an individual only if the individual provides the information to the RAF.  When an individual provides Personal Information to the RAF, the RAF may use the Personal Information for fund raising purposes and to notify persons of RAF services, publication, programs, events, educational opportunities and upcoming meetings, provided that permission of an individual providing Personal Information that is not Aggregate Information is required before the RAF discloses Personal Information to a third party (other than any third party providing certain operational services to the RAF on its behalf).

    The RAF will take reasonable and appropriate measures to keep Personal Information confidential and in a secure environment, including, without limitation, taking appropriate action in the event of unauthorized disclosure.  Access to Personal Information will be restricted to only those personnel of RAF and those third parties providing certain operational services to the RAF or on its behalf with a legitimate business purpose for accessing such information.

  2. The RAF may collect Demographic Information that it obtains from individuals and third parties for fund raising purposes and to notify persons of RAF services, publications, programs, events, educational opportunities and upcoming meetings.
  3. Demographic Information that is Personal Information will be treated in accordance with the provisions of the previous paragraph.  For disclosure of Demographic Information that is not Personal Information to third parties, the RAF at a minimum will use the "Opt Out" approach.  An "opt-out" is obtained when the RAF through some correspondence gives an individual the opportunity to decline or “opt-out” of disclosures to third parties.  If the individual does not opt out of disclosure to third parties, permission is deemed to be granted.
  4. The RAF may collect Aggregate and Transactional Information acquired pursuant to all interactions with persons (including, without limitation, use by individuals of its website) and add such information to its database.
  5. The RAF may use Transactional Information in connection with its fundraising efforts.  Transactional Information, however, will not be disclosed to third parties without the prior express written consent of the disclosing individual because of its highly proprietary nature.
  6. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Privacy Policy to the contrary, no permission is necessary for the RAF to disclose Aggregate Information to third parties because Aggregate Information does not identify a specific individual.  The RAF may use and allow third parties to use Aggregate Information for research purposes and for the development or implementation of its programs, products and services.
  7. Notwithstanding any provision of this Privacy Policy to the contrary, the RAF will disclose all information to third parties to the extent required by applicable laws.