Rubberized Asphalt Foundation

May 22, 2024

The Rubberized Asphalt Foundation a non-profit organization that supports and promotes research and training and communication about the beneficial use of recycled tire rubber in asphalt rubber mixtures and related materials to meet the needs of a sustainable and circular society.

Rubberized Asphalt Foundation Where the Rubber meets the Rubber in the Road.

Rubberized Asphalt putting Rubber in the Road for more Bounce to the Ounce and Less Pain on the Environment Domain.

The Rubberized Asphalt Foundation

The RAF welcomes Dr. Shakir Shatnawi as a new board member.

Meet Dr. Shakir Shatnawi a consistent supporter of the Rubberized Asphalt Foundation (RAF) who recently agreed to join the RAF board of directors. Dr. Shatnawi is an expert in all facets of asphalt pavement design and use of rubberized asphalt. Congratulations Dr. Shatnawi from the RAF board members.

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Jorge Sousa RAF director and George Way RAF chairman prepared a paper for the CILA conference in Granada Spain, April 22 to 26, 2024 and attended the conference. The Spanish CILA Conference abbreviation name loosely translates in English as the “Asphalt Conference for Iberian (Spain and Portugal) and Latin American Spanish speaking countries.” The conference papers, power points and presentations are mostly in Spanish with a few in Portuguese. The conference is open to paying attendees from any country. About 1200 people attended the conference. Dozens of presentations were made including one given by Jorge about our paper which we wrote in English and Spanish, and he presented it in Spanish. The paper in English and in Spanish is in the RAF papers section. 

Besides the paper presentations the exhibition hall had many company sponsors who were very generous in supplying complimentary refreshing beverages as well as delicious finger food. Jorge’s partner companies of Cirtec from Spain and Neotech from Mexico had a company booth. Hosting the Cirtec booth was Miguel Sanz technical director of Cirtec and hosting the Neotech booth Hugo Bandala, President of Neotech and his son Misael. 

Left to right Jorge Sousa RAF Director, Miguel Angel Sanz Cirtec Business Development Manager, and George Way Chairman RAF

October 11, 2023

The Rubberized Asphalt Foundation

The RAF welcomes Dr. Krishna Prapoorna Biligiri as a new board member.

Dr. Krishna Biligiri the new RAF board member at the RAR2022 conference in Malaga, Spain where he was a distinguished speaker.

The RAF welcomes Tinna Rubber And Infrastructure Limited of India as a new supporter.

Tinna Rubber And Infrastructure Limited of India, funded in 1987 under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Bhupinder Kumar Sekhri, is a fully integrated company converting waste tyres into downstream value added products. The RAF is appreciative of their support so in keeping with their company’s commitment to a better more sustainable and circular society for the good of India.

The RAF welcomes Neotech Green of Mexico as a new supporter

Neotech Green ribbon cutting for their new reacted and activated rubber manufacturing plant in Mexico. RAF Director Dr. Jorge Sousa on the far left and Neotech President Hugo Bandala on the far right.