Applied Innovation in Rubberized Pavements – IRF Congress, Dubai, UAE October 29-31, 2017

Two sessions on the applied innovations in rubberized pavements will be featured at the upcoming IRF Middle East & North Africa Regional Congress & Exhibition
Congress, Dubai, UAE October 29-31, 2017 [full program at:]

The sessions will include the use, benefit and cost of rubberized asphalt in pavement design. Worldwide examples of such usage will be presented along with benefits and cost considerations. The latest research in the properties of Activated Crumb Rubber Modified Binders and Reacted and Activated Rubber Binders will also be highlighted in this overview of the international state of the art. A number of studies will present the unique properties and characteristics of asphalt rubber mixtures in terms of improved permanent deformation and fatigue cracking. The unique engineering properties of asphalt rubber mixtures are discussed along with recommendation on how to use them in current pavement design procedures.