Evaluation of noise reduction of Asphalt Rubber in cities

The paper introduces the main parameters to develop and test a specific methodology for measuring the acoustical performance of asphalt mixtures in urban scenarios. Measurement of SPB in urban sites, where vehicles speed is low and traffic flows are not regular, do not correspond to the requirements of ISO 11819 neither can be easily replaced by other methods like CPX or measurement of noise at receivers.
A new approach, derived by an adaptation of SPB to urban scenarios, is presented here, as general method for the evaluation of acoustic efficiency given by low emission paving. It has been defined and tested by authors in some different urban scenarios where traffic noise has been identified as the main source of annoyance for residents. As the most relevant result of the study, a new more general methodology for testing acoustical performance of asphalt friction courses, valid for all kinds of hot mixes, was developed and described.
Asphalt Rubber Gap and Open graded mixes shown very high acoustical performance in urban scenarios.